Practical system solution with combination keypad

The SE-S2000MB electronic cash register for retail applications features 30/60 commodity group keys, a 2-strip printing unit and a subsequent receipt function. These features ensure that every type of retail outlet is catered for.

Quick and accurate

Quick and accurateThe SE-S2000MB model with hub keys has over 30 commodity group keys (2-strip printer) to enable quick yet accurate data input. It is possible to double this capacity to 60 commodity group keys using a shift key. A total of up to 200 commodity groups can be input using the commodity group numbers.

Elegant design

Elegant designThe elegant, dual-colour housing elevates the image of your business. The keypad is operator-friendly and the display is perfectly positioned to allow easy reading from any angle. If the cash register is being used in a quiet environment, the keypad tones can be deactivated.

Informative and versatile

Informative and versatileYou can use preset promotional and information texts for seasonal items etc. to improve the information flow to your customers. In addition, you can use a graphical company logo to enhance your company image rather than just an address in text format.

Easy character input

Easy character input You can input texts and characters for commodity groups, items and promotional texts using the numerical keys - the process works in the same way as text input with a telephone. Your input is immediately displayed on the screen so that you can check it.

Total clarity

Total clarityThe integrated customer display (which can be extended and rotated) enables your customers to view the amounts rung up. The clear, easy-to-read operator display has a capacity of up to 12 characters for text and 10 digits for numerical displays.

The epitome of practicality

If the receipt output stops, it is possible to issue a receipt using the "Subsequent receipt" function key.

Speed of receipt and journal printer

The integrated thermal printer with 58 mm receipt roll can meet the demands of the busiest business and impresses with its extremely quick printing and outstanding quality. The simple paper load system makes changing a receipt roll child's play.

Integrated help function

Integrated help functionThe integrated help function provides answers to the most frequently asked questions during everyday business. Your cash register can answer question such as: "How do I set the time and date?", "How do I change a receipt roll?" or "How do I print out reports?".

Comprehensive support

Comprehensive supportThe SE-S2000MB offers various reports to help you to evaluate and analyse your business. You can choose the following report types: daily, item/PLU, group, hourly, 31-day, short and period.

Data backup

An automatic data backup and restore function safeguards your data in an internal flash memory.

Electronic journal

The electronic journal backs up your transactions and sales in an internal cash register memory.

Streamlined appearance

The housing size has been reduced by 33%*, creating more counter space and more space for your customers.

*excluding drawer; compared with TE-2000 model.

Interface provides expansion options

The SE-S2000MB electronic cash register features an interface for connection of a PC.

Optional accessories

A splash cover and additional flash memory are available as optional accessories.



Technical Specifications

  • Housing colour: white
  • Keyboard: hub keyboard
  • Display:
    Users: LCD with background illumination (alpha 2 lines with 16 characters / num. 10 digits - 7 segments)
    Customer: 8-digit numeric LED display (extractable and rotatable)
  • Printer:
    Type: two-station printer
    System: thermal printer system
    Speed: max. 14 lines/second
    Till roll(s): 58 mm +0/-1 mm x 80 mm ø
  • Draw size: large (M)
  • Memory protection: 2 AA batteries - service life approx. 1 year for new, fully charged batteries. (Batteries are not included in the scope of delivery!)
  • Number RS-232c: 2
  • Power supply: AC 120V 0.4A / AC 230V 0.26A
  • Temperature: 0°C to 40°C
  • Air humidity: 10% to 90% relative air humidity
  • Weight: 10 kg with large drawer (M) / 5.5 kg with small drawer (S)
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 400 x 450 x 213 mm with large drawer (M)

Specs are subject to change w/o notice.

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