Connect to your TV for KARAOKE and lessons!
Supports SD memory cards!


Connects to a TV !

Connects to a TV !

View karaoke tune lyrics as you sing!

During Advanced 3-Step Lesson, view the keys you need to press, fingerings, and evaluation scores on your TV screen as you play.

  • * Comes with a video cable.
  • * Supported video systems: PAL (LK-300TV-P), NTSC (LK-300TV-N)

TV Karaoke

TV Karaoke

TV screen lyric display

Sing karaoke with built-in karaoke tunes and SMF with Lyrics.

Simple operations adjust the microphone volume level and the key of the tune.

  • * English and other Roman alphabet based languages.
  • * Due to copyright restrictions, the lyrics of some songs may not be displayed.

Advanced 3-Step Lesson System

TV Lesson Interface

View the keys you need to press and a fingering guide on the TV as you play. It’s the easy way to see if you are playing the correct keys.

TV Lesson Interface

Scoring system

Scores appear on the TV and LCD, and a simulated voice lets you know how you are doing.

During Play…

Current results are indicated by an on-screen bar and star figure, and announced by a simulated human voice.

During Play…

After Play…

At the end of the lesson, the keyboard rates your play both vocally and by displaying your point total.

After Play…

Practice Phrase feature 

The display shows the phrase where your point total was the lowest, so you can practice until you master it.

Voice Fingering Guide

Voice Fingering Guide

If the keyboard detects that your play is lagging or stopped, or that you are playing the wrong notes, a simulated human voice calls out a number telling you what finger you should use to play the next note.

  • * One-hand lesson available for 3-Step Lesson Step 1 and Step 2 only.

3-Step Lesson

Easy-to-follow instructions help make it easy even for novices to play

3-Step Lesson

Right and left hand part on/off buttons for lesson play

100 built-in tunes (50 Song Bank/Karaoke tunes, 50 Piano Bank tunes) with a Song Book

  • * Due to copyright restrictions, some pieces and tunes may not be included in the song book.

High-quality sounds & Versatile expandability

High-quality sounds

HL Sound Source

HL sound source for high-quality tones (including stereo sampled grand piano tone)

Digital effects for richer sounds (reverb: 4 types, chorus: 4 types)

Touch response for full musical expression (2 sensitivity levels, off)

Song Expansion

10 songs maximum, approximately 320KB total

Song Data Files*1 on bundled CD-ROM (25 files total)*2 can be transferred from your computer to keyboard memory.

CD-ROM includes an SMF Converter*3 application for transferring SMF data from your computer to keyboard memory. 

  • *1 SMF Format 0.
  • *2 SMF files. Requires SMF converter to transfer data to the keyboard. 3-Step Lesson and Scoring System supported, but Fingering Guide not supported. Music scores (PDF) for these songs are included on the CD-ROM. 
  • *3 Supported operating systems: Windows® 98SE/Me/XP Home Edition/XP Professional, Mac OS not supported. If you are using SMF Converter on a computer running Windows Vista® (32-bit Version), be sure to download the newest version of SMF Converter from the CASIO Music Site).
  • * For the latest news about driver and application support under Windows Vista® and Windows® 7, visit here.

USB port for easy connection to a computer

  • * Supported operating systems: Windows® 98/98SE/Me/2000 Professional/XP Home Edition (SP2 or later) /XP Professional (SP2 or later, 32-bit), Mac OS not supported. For the latest news about driver and application support under Windows Vista® and Windows® 7, visit here.
  • * Driver is included on the bundled CD-ROM
  • * USB cable not included
  • SD memory card slot
  • SD

SD memory card slot

  • * Supported SD memory card capacities: 16MB, 32MB, 64MB, 128MB, 256MB, 512MB, 1GB
  • * SD memory card not included



61 full-size keys
Touch Response
2 sensitivity levels, off
Sound Source
Maximum Polyphony
514 built-in tones
Layer, Split
Digital Effects
  • Reverb: 4 types
  • Chorus: 4 types
120 built-in rhythms
Auto Accompaniment
  • Modes: CASIO Chord, Fingered, Full Range Chord
  • Controllers: Start/Stop, Intro, Normal/Fill-in, Variation/Fill-in, Synchro/Ending
Built-in Songs
100 (Song Bank)
Song Expansion
10 song maximum (up to 320KB total)
Lesson Function
  • Advanced 3-step lesson (TV lesson interface)
  • Scoring system
  • Voice fingering guide
(Lesson part: right hand, left hand, both hands)?
Beats: 0, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
2 tracks x 1 song (performance recording), 1 song (lesson recording), approximately 5,200 notes total, real-time recording/playback
Other Functions
  • TV connection
  • TV karaoke: TV screen lyric display(built-in tunes, SMF with Lyrics)
Key Transpose
25 steps (-12 to +12 semitones)
Tuning Control
101 steps (A4 = approximatery 440 Hz ± 50 cents)
Standard jack (sustain, soft, sostenuto, start/stop)
Display Screen
SD Memory Card Slot
Supported SD memory card capacities: Up to 1GB, SMF (Format 0/1)*, CASIO format song playback, recorded song/CASIO format song/sampled sound/user rhythm/user scale/registration save/load, recorded song SMF format save, card format, file delete
* Supports SMF Format 0 or Format 1 only for playback.
  • GM Compatibility: Level1
  • Terminals: USB
12cm x 2
Amp Output
2.5W + 2.5W
Input/Output Terminals
  • Headphones (standard stereo jack)
  • Sustain/assignable
  • Mic in
  • USB: type B
  • Video out
  • External power (9V DC)
* USB cable (A-B type) required to use USB terminal for computer connection.
Power Requirements
Batteries: D-sizex6/Optional AC adaptor: AD-5
Dimensions (W x D x H)
960 x 375 x 146 mm
* Excluding music stand, and other projections
5.6 kg (Excluding batteries)
Included Accessories
Microphone, Song book, music stand, CD-ROM
EAN code
[LK-300TV-P (PAL)]: 4971850313250
[LK-300TV-N (NTSC)]: 4971850313243

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