Privacy Policy

We at Cairo Trading are firmly committed to respecting the online privacy of the visitors to our Website ("Users"), and to do our utmost to provide adequate protection and management of Personal Information.
Cairo Trading does not collect Personal Information on Users who simply access the Cairo Trading Website, and most services of the Cairo Trading website can be accessed without divulging any Personal Information. However, certain services provided from the Cairo Trading Website require that Users provide certain Personal Information before they can be accessed.
The following defines that Cairo Trading Online Privacy Policy, which is strictly enforced for all Cairo Trading officials and employees who handle Personal Information on our Web servers.

Cairo Trading Online Privacy Policy

  • 1. Cairo Trading employs a department chief-level manager whose job it is to take responsibility for the proper handling of Personal Information.
  • 2. Cairo Trading maintains corporate regulations and implements reasonable security measures to protect against the risk of unauthorized access, loss, or alteration, of personal information, or leaking of Personal Information to third parties.
  • 3. Except in the following cases, Cairo Trading pledges not to divulge Personal Information to third parties.
    • - When permission to divulge Personal Information is granted by the User.
    • - When revelation of Personal Information is required by law.
    • - When the User requires a service whose subcontracted provider requires Personal Information about the User.
      In this case, Cairo Trading shall establish a contractual obligation with the subcontracted provider in order to ensure an adequate level of Personal Information security that conforms to this Cairo Trading Online Privacy Policy.
    • - When processing statistical information (such as gender, age, etc.), that does not divulge any particular Personal Information about individual Users.
  • 4. Users have the right to access and modify Personal Information maintained by Cairo Trading at any time. To do so, a User should use one of the forms provided at the Cairo Trading Website, or contact the applicable customer service representative.
  • 5. Cairo Trading constantly reviews and revises its existing Online Privacy Policy in order to ensure compliance with laws and other regulations that cover the protection of Personal Information, and to ensure the highest level of security possible.