Company Profile

    The Company

    Cairo Trading established in1975. Based on the distributorship for well known foreign companies, distributing through 11 Branches covers allover Egypt. spreading our branches and services center to be close to our customers with number of employees about 480 employees in all branches and services customer. Cairo Trading join Cairo Group in 1998, our Head office Building is located in Mohandessen - Cairo on a total area of 2500 square meters.

    Our Target

    To build total brand Value faster, better and more completely than our competition. To be the preferred and most trusted resource for the products and services that enhance consumers life.

    The Pillars of the Concept

    Cairo Trading concept is to be the best products and services enabler in Egypt to offer its customers:


    Cairo trading offers the best value for money on the market, with unbeatable price/quality/service mix.


    Casio is recognized by its customers as a true technology expert. This is a key asset in a market where rapid changes in products and technologies are often confusing the customers. The role of the Cairo trading Sales Advisors is to understand customers┬╣ needs and provide advice and solutions that best fit their requirements.

    Guaranteed Peace of Mind:

    A dedicated team of sales and specialist guarantees unparalleled level of technical and value added service. Moreover, customer can secure and optimize Return on Investment by asking about Cairo Trading Warranty Programs

    Ease in Decision Making:

    The customer is never alone. The depth of product selection, the range offered, training and after sales services, states that the customer will chose the best products for his use, is assured of its use due to availability of training and support (repairs, upgrades, installation etc).

    Cairo Trading products provide better ROI:

    Installment Financing, Extended Warranty, Accidental Damage and Loyalty Programs allows customers to finance and protect their investment on the long run. This provides customers increasing affordability of Casio products (i.e. financing) and prolong the life of the products

    Our Mission & Vision

    In our quest to become the regional leader in providing consumer technology to our customers,Cairo Trading ultimate promise is to make customers' lives more convenient, fun and enjoyable. In fulfilling this promise, we strive to bring the most reliable and high quality products which feature state-of-the-art consumer technology and entertainment solutions to our customers at competitive prices and affordable payment schemes. Our role at Cairo Trading is to provide our customers with variety and value to enhance each customer's right to have the best choices which match his or her needs and lifestyle. And while we reach out to our customers wherever they are, we strive to provide the highest levels of professionalism and service quality.


    To be the number one provider of modern life needs.


    Satisfaction of our stakeholders above all else.

    Our Promise

    To Our Customer, We Promise to:

    • - Strive to understand, anticipate and fulfill their needs, providing them with the highest levels of service quality and professionalism
    • - Enrich their lives with innovative products, which offer safety and reliability and bring convenience and entertainment to their homes
    • - Reach out and get ever closer to them wherever they are
    • - Make our products affordable through prudent sourcing, competitive pricing and convenient payment schemes

    To Our Employees, We Promise to:

    • - Provide them with a safe, fair and healthy work environment
    • - Invest in their training and professional development so that each employee can realize his or her own ambitions and full potential
    • - Reward those who match our vision with dedication and commitment, such that they will share the fruits of our success

    To Our Business Partners, We Promise to:

    • - Build a long-term partnership characterized by fairness and respect
    • - Invest into the development of our mutual business
    • - Help our partners to achieve their own market and business objectives

    To Our Shareholder, We Promise to:

    • - Sustain outstanding performance and achieve steady growth and profitability
    • - Seek excellence in everything we do
    • - Maintain transparency and good governance

    To Our Society, We Promise to:

    • - Contribute to the comprehensive development of our community
    • - Care for the unprivileged
    • - Protect our environment
    • - Provide choice, opportunity and mobility

    To The Future, We Promise to:

    • - Stay true to our core values and business vision
    • - Nurture and grow our dreams
    • - Tackle opportunity with prudence, courage and resolve
    • - Continuously develop our capabilities
    • - Tackle each task with passion and live each day with gratefulness

    Our Values


    Reliable & credible We are a trustable & a reliable partner to each of our stakeholders, we believe that fairness, honesty, transparency & integrity are the basis for trust & success . Love Care, passion, positive feelings We love what we do and strive to enable our stakeholders to do what they want.


    Highest standards We strive to achieve excellence in everything we do such that we met or exceed our stakeholders' expectations, and because we truly care, we are always keen on improving ourselves through attention to each detail.


    Enablement We enable our stakeholders to achieve their goals.


    Create new solutions We utilize innovative products, services and solutions to exceed our stakeholders' expectations.


    Enjoyment We believe that our products, services, and way of doing business should enable our customers and employees to enjoy life.


    Resource-effective We strive to do things better and faster in a more efficient manner. Vision To be the number one provider of modern life needs. Mission Enriching our customers' lives and satisfying our stakeholders.

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